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UK Covid inquiry comes to Scotland… in 90 seconds

Tue, 16 Jan 2024 11:51:26 GMT

The BBC's Kirsten Campbell outlines what can be expected during three weeks of evidence held in Edinburgh.

Covid and flu winter jabs to be brought forward

Wed, 30 Aug 2023 17:11:37 GMT

Vaccines for the most vulnerable will start being given in September instead of October in England.

What you need to know about Covid as new variant rises

Sat, 23 Sep 2023 23:15:57 GMT

Hospital admissions have risen since the summer and a new variant is spreading. Should we be concerned?

Gething deleted messages, Covid inquiry hears

Tue, 27 Feb 2024 19:12:18 GMT

Labour leadership candidate used disappearing messages when he was health minister, inquiry told.

'There are loads of people that vape at school'

Mon, 29 Jan 2024 14:54:43 GMT

A group of teenagers in Fife have been making a documentary about the impact of disposable vapes.

Should we be worried about Covid this winter?

Thu, 17 Aug 2023 05:20:24 GMT

Experts are not too concerned about a new variant of Covid but say monitoring should continue.

College to offer free medical degrees after $1bn gift

Mon, 26 Feb 2024 19:16:51 GMT

The record-breaking donation came from a 93-year-old former professor, who is the widow of a wealthy investor.

Why are measles cases rising and what is the MMR vaccine?

Thu, 15 Feb 2024 13:58:16 GMT

Young people are being encouraged to have the MMR jab, as cases of measles rise in several areas.

Postcode check: How's the NHS coping in your area?

Thu, 22 Feb 2024 11:40:01 GMT

As the NHS enters 2024 and a difficult winter period, find out what's happening in your area.

Are weight-loss injections the answer to obesity?

Sun, 19 Mar 2023 00:52:45 GMT

The appeal is clear - but should we be turning to appetite-suppressing injections?

'Recovering from food addiction is like walking a tiger'

Thu, 22 Feb 2024 02:42:19 GMT

Writer Bryony Gordon opens up on her OCD, food addiction and health inequality.

More young people out of work due to health, study says

Tue, 27 Feb 2024 11:24:05 GMT

A Resolution Foundation report is calling for action to support young people's mental health.

Ministers consider new vaping tax at Budget

Tue, 27 Feb 2024 12:34:39 GMT

Ministers fear that the relatively cheap cost of vaping makes it more accessible for young people.

Why South Korean women aren't having babies

Wed, 28 Feb 2024 02:12:41 GMT

South Korea has spent billions to reverse its low birth rate, but some say it isn't listening to young women’s needs.

How dangerous is vaping and what is the disposable vape ban?

Tue, 27 Feb 2024 11:24:22 GMT

Vaping is far safer than smoking but the government wants to stop the sale of vapes to children

England now seeing clusters of measles cases

Thu, 15 Feb 2024 12:00:17 GMT

Another 56 cases have been seen in the last week across a number of regions.

The strangers who saved each other’s lives

Wed, 21 Feb 2024 01:52:24 GMT

Two men who never met now call themselves blood brothers - after one donated stem cells to the other.

How much do junior doctors really get paid?

Fri, 11 Aug 2023 12:51:17 GMT

The BBC asked two junior doctors in England to show us their payslips and reveal their salaries.

Talking therapies may help menopause mood - study

Wed, 28 Feb 2024 04:12:56 GMT

Cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness can help with low mood and anxiety, research suggests.

Error to open pubs not schools, Covid inquiry told

Fri, 06 Oct 2023 16:11:13 GMT

The ex-children's commissioner in England says most senior officials did not put children first.

What is the UK Covid inquiry and how does it work?

Wed, 31 Jan 2024 11:46:29 GMT

The second round of public hearings examined how ministers made decisions during the pandemic.

NHS paid out £101m over city's maternity failings

Wed, 28 Feb 2024 13:49:06 GMT

The two hospitals in Nottingham are at the centre of a major inquiry into baby deaths and injuries.

Defending Eat Out to Help Out - PM's day at Covid inquiry

Mon, 11 Dec 2023 17:36:29 GMT

Arriving amongst protests, Rishi Sunak defends his time as chancellor during the pandemic, as he gives evidence to the Covid inquiry.

What to do if you have Covid

Wed, 20 Dec 2023 16:17:17 GMT

No Covid restrictions are in place across the UK, so how should you manage having it?

Smokers increasingly overestimate vape risk - study

Wed, 28 Feb 2024 17:12:23 GMT

Fewer smokers see vapes as less harmful, despite evidence tobacco is far less healthy, data suggests.

Sunak reveals he fasts at beginning of the week

Mon, 29 Jan 2024 12:37:18 GMT

The PM says he tries to fast at the start of the week so he can indulge in his “weakness for sugary things” on other days.