Co Q drives energy production

Co Q-10, along with other nutrients, drives the repair and regeneration process in the human body. One of the aspects of aging thatrests at the foundation of life is a healthy cardiovasculare system. This is made possible by the bodys' ability to produce enough energy to constantly replace dying cells with new healthy cells, including heart cells.

Co Q-10 is instrumental is that intercellular activity which produces natural energys Viewing heart health from all perspectives, including pharmaceutical, Co Q-10 plays a vital and direct role in promoting healthy cardiovascular function. Cholesterol lowering drugs and aging has proven to reduce the body's ability to manufacturer Co Q-10 at the rate necessary. This class of cholesterol lowering drugs is referred to as statin drugs.

The medical community, with it's focus on all things pharmaceutical, has a tendency to overlook the fact that statin drugs negatively affect Co Q-10 production, thereby, leading to poor heart cell replication. This effect of lower Co Q-10 due to the cholesterol reducing drugs certainly put statin drugs in a bad light. Heart health is compromised by the statin drugs as the lower Co Q-10 levels reduce new heart cell quality. The body's reduced capability to repair and regenerate new heart cells due to low Co Q-10 levels results in a long term dangerous situation. The potential damage that is being done with this class of drugs requires a necessary and common sense approach to preserving your natural heart health by ensuring proficient levels of this all important enzyme. We, therefore, consider Co Q10 a heart supplement and recommend taking on a daily basis if you are on cholesterol lowering drugs.

Even if you aren't a person with these statin drug issues it is still advantageous to supplement with Co Q-10 tablets to combat the lower production due to the aging process. One thing we an count on as we age is our diminishing ability to produce this vital nutrient for several reasons including the non-nutrient dense foods deliverd to our store shelves. Co Q-10 has also proven and effective weapon against muscle aches and weakness as a result of cholesterol lowering drugs.

A visit to your physician for testing to reveal Co Q-10 levels in your body may result in the need for addtional Co Q-10 supplementation.

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