What Happens When Bed Bug Bites

Do any of us know what happens when bed bug bites? All that we know is the uncomfortable feeling of itchiness that spreads all over our body. The thing that we dont know is that during feeding, these bed bugs use two hollow tubes on their heads to do two different things simultaneously, one: blood sucking and two: injecting their saliva which contains anticoagulants and anaesthetic into our skin.

As a result of that, we might not feel immediate pain or discomfort until sometime later. In addition, this mechanism can even make a person feel numb all over.

A successful blood sucking process can be spotted easily by looking at the bed bugs translucent body. The body will turn red as a result of our blood filling the space.

We can become more and more sensitive to the bed bugs saliva if repeatedly exposed to it over time.

This would in turn mean that if any of us is bitten several times again and again, sometimes later allergic reaction might kick in.

The intensity of the allergic reaction varies depending on the person. Several reported cases indicate that difficulty in breathing might occur. If you know that you are allergic to these kinds of nasty creatures, you should especially take good care of yourself at home and whenever you are out travelling.

Having been bitten by these nocturnal pests, it is sometimes difficult for us to recognize and differentiate between the wounds created by bed bugs and other blood sucking insects such as mosquitoes and fleas.

The bite marks may also appear in many places on our bodies. We can also see that the marks might appear as though they follow certain patterns due to probable disturbances experienced during feeding.

In most cases, the bites will not only cause a wound but also swells. These wounds are of course very itchy, urging you to scratch but try and control yourself from spreading the problem to other areas by going for proper check up and treatment as soon as possible. You do not want to let them enjoy another night having you as their meal and adding more misery to your life, do you?

As final words, make sure you treat the bites well if you have been bitten by bed bugs in fear of any infections.

In case you are in doubt of whats troubling you all night or unable to identify the problem yourself, refer to a trained physician for help. For those who are experiencing bed bug bites for the first time, it can be quite a horrific one so be prepared.


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Bed Bug Bites

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