Scam Free Hoodia And What To Look For Before Buying

Hoodia Gordonii has been exhaustively researched in recent months to find out if it can truly offer the highly effective, weight loss opportunities that so many of its consumers are searching for. The truth of the matter is that the P57 chemical found in Hoodia Gordonii does effectively reduce appetite, increasing weight loss and improving health. Studies by research bodies such as the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research have found that Hoodia actively suppresses the appetite in the brain itself, making it possible to reduce the urge to eat by tricking the brain into thinking you have already eaten.

But, the risks that come with this new supplement have grown along with its popularity, due in large part to the confluence of companies offering products that are fraudulent and ill-formulated.

The list of scams perpetrated by these companies is seemingly endless with dozens of shortcuts and quick steps around the rules to ensure they continue making large profits without having to spend more on pure ingredients.


There is only a single plant species that has been found through scientific and medical research to contain the P57 chemical that suppresses the appetite. The Hoodia Gordonni species is native to South Africa and when harvested and processed for supplements, works very well. However, many companies are finding shortcuts around the use of pure Hoodia Gordonii, especially as the price increases due to high demand.

Some companies are putting large amounts of filler into their products, using cheap Chinese Hoodia that does not contain the same chemicals or suppressant properties as the South African strain. Other companies are cutting their pure Hoodia with things like sawdust or unrelated plants that either provide nothing at all or increase the risk of unwanted, unknown Hoodia Gordonni side effects.


One of the biggest problems in the industry, and one that has allowed so many companies to cheat their customers in these ways, is that regulation is minimal and has proven too easy to bypass.

For example, many companies simply ignore FDA regulations, others refusing to use GMP certified labs. In extreme cases, there are people bottling poorly cut Hoodia Gordonii from their apartment living rooms, allowing who knows what to enter the pills and subsequently your body.

Outright Lies

To cover up for their shortcuts and slight of hand, these companies lie to you directly. They claim they have large amounts of Hoodia Gordonii in their pills, more than is physically possible in some cases.

They put products on store shelves that have no Hoodia in them at all or ingredients that can cause your body physical harm. They tell you it is safe when they probably do not know one way or the other because they neglected to properly test their products.

Finding the Truth

In reality, no simple Hoodia review is going to be able to help you decide which Hoodia product is best for you and your weightloss needs. The best way to ensure your health is to find that will provide countless resources in the form of not only Hoodia reviews by dozens of people who have used it, but Hoodia Gordonii videos and eye opening articles about the industry from natural health experts like Caroline Cardenas. The only way to ensure your health and get the best product is to do the research early and often.


About the Author (text)Caroline Cardenas has worked in the natural health niche for more than a decade and shares her insights in the form of innovative editorials airline promotional codes

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