Merck and C Sixty

Merck and C Sixty to pursue fullerene antioxidant technology - In the field: pharmaceutical science & technology newsMerck and Co. (Whitehouse Station, NJ) has entered into an agreement with the biotechnology company C Sixty (Houston, TX) for the development and commercialization of C Sixty's fullerene antioxidant technology.

Universities and FDA

Universities and FDA collaborate to reduce cost of manufacturing - In the field: Pharmaceutical Science & Technology newsThe top 16 U.S. pharmaceutical companies spend more than $90 billion on manufacturing each year, according to a Wall Street Journal article released 3 September 2003.

EU to provide

EU to provide incentives for "orphan" drugs - NewsThe European Union has introduced new legislation designed to encourage pharmaceutical companies to develop treatments for "orphan" (rare) diseases that affect fewer than five people in every 10000 within the 15 member bloc.

The happiness

The happiness industry: there are big profits in claiming to make people happy. But are those who seek well-being from therapy, drugs and self-help books being ripped off?We know that money doesn't buy happiness. But the search for happiness is certainly enriching a lot of people. The feel-good industry is flourishing.

NanoCrystal technology targets poorly water-soluble drugs - In the field: Pharmaceutical Science & Technology news An increasing number of drug candidates synthesized each year by pharmaceutical companies are considered poorly water-soluble. Most of these compounds are dropped from development because they can't be formulated properly.

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Health Care Industry Take Note; Settlement Proves Heightened Fraud Scrutiny - TAP Pharmaceutical Products ON OCT. 3, the United States Department of Justice announced what is to date the largest health care fraud settlement in history. In addition to paying the unprecedented sum of $875 million, Lake Forest, Ill.-based TAP Pharmaceutical Products agreed to plead guilty to felony conspiracy to violate the Prescription Drug Marketing Act.

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Progress seen in fight against counterfeit drugs ROCKVILLE, Md. -- The Food and Drug Administration is reporting "significant progress" in its long battle to stem the tide of counterfeit prescription drugs entering the U.S. supply chain.

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APhA condemns pharmacist charged with diluting cancer/chemo drugs - American Pharmaceutical Association - Brief Article KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Criminal allegations were raised against a Kansas City pharmacist last month for diluting patients' chemotherapy drugs. The pharmacists met swift condemnation from industry leaders who characterized the incident as "an uncommon occurrence."

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